Plan Your Home Improvement During This Time

Why not take this time being stuck at home to really asses your property, is there anything you would like to change? Where could you use some extra space?

Since everyone is homebound, its actually a great time to give your home improvements some real thought as we can become more aware of the things we would like to change. Normal, everyday life can move so quickly that going through this thought process gets put to the back of the pile.

We have listed some fantastic home improvements for you to think about, discuss with your family and perhaps start making some pricing enquires. These cost-effective improvements are well worth considering, this is the time to start planning so that you’re ready to proceed when life returns to normality.

Possible Garage Conversion?

This is a fantastic way to reclaim unused, possibly cluttered space. It is a cost-effective way to add some more living space to your home and it is estimated the value added from a converted garage would be 15%. Also something great to remember is you can usually convert a garage under Permitted Development rules.

Permitted Development (PD) gives implied planning consent for certain building works and changes to be carried out without having to make a planning application. There are conditions to this national grant which protects local amenity, especially if you have already made a lot of improvements to your property or if you live in a certain area.

Why Not Consider A Loft Conversion?

Another cost-effective way to add value to your house and give you the extra space your family may need is a loft conversion. It gives a lot more accommodation or living area, if you create an extra bedroom it can add up to 15% value of your home and even more if you can add an en suite bathroom.

During self-isolation it is the ideal time to consider all the things involved with converting your loft. Perhaps consider researching the Building Regulations stipulations around such a project. A good point is that loft conversions usually don’t require planning permission, (however if dormer windows face a motorway you may need planning.) it’s worth getting an architect to double check before you start. balanceARCHITECTURE in Harrogate can advise you further on this.

Put An Outbuilding To Good Use?

Perhaps you have an outbuilding which you’ve been making use of during this lockdown period, but needs more work? Converting an outbuilding into living space can boost your property’s value by nearly 20%. This is another great option because like above, planning permission is not usually required as it qualifies as a ‘change of use’ but of course always check with your local planning authority.

What could you turn your outbuilding into?



Comfy home spa or gym


Project area - a space to take some time enjoying a hobby, perhaps drawing, painting, reading and so on!

To make this really successful and a great space ensure there’s a decent internet connection, heating and lighting, and a source of electricity.

Thought Of An Extension?

If in this time at home you have realised that there is a real lack of space on the ground floor, the most obvious and effective solution would be an extension. Creating the structure of your extension is straightforward, it involves adding a new walls and roof while knocking down the existing room wall. Or perhaps only partially knocking down, depending on the design you go for.

Knowing how much an extension costs is obviously important but unfortunately there isn’t a set figure we can give you at this stage, as there is a number of factors involved. The next thing to do is find an architect in Harrogate. Once you have spoken to balance ARCHITECTURE about your idea, we would be able to give you an estimate and start the process!

We hope this blog gave you some ideas to think over during this time at home. For more information about any home improvement and to talk to one of our friendly team at balance ARCHITECTURE based in Harrogate, please call on 01423 209043 or email on

Thanks for reading, stay safe everyone.

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