Top Tips When Renovating A House

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Renovating is a fantastic thing to do but can seem overwhelming when first thinking of the task ahead. balanceARCHITECURE have created these tips to keep in mind and provide you with a rough guide.

Renovating a house is an extremely exciting and potentially profitable project. There are many reasons people decide to renovate; perhaps to uncover lost features, create the house of their dreams or build a bigger house in an area they may not have been able to originally afford.

We hope you find our Top Tips useful..

Create A Schedule

A renovation schedule is a ‘to do’ list for your project, take the time to sit down and write everything you want to do on your house and when you would like the tasks completed. This is a great thing to do, organising your plans and mind. Reduce the stress where possible, which is accomplished by having a clear schedule. Once you have this list of to do’s, you can consult an architect to see if it is reasonable. They will also be able to give you an idea of costings.

Below is a typical schedule of works for a house renovation, of course each project is uniquely different!

  • Firstly, a condition assessment, stop further decay and structural stability

  • Grants/Tax concessions and statutory consents

  • Demolition work

  • Consider drainage

  • Major building work and creating a weathertight shell

  • External works

  • First fix

  • Plastering and drying out

  • Fixed flooring

  • Second fix

  • Decorating!

Do I Need Planning Permission To Renovate?

There are several consent checks to consider before starting work on your house renovation, including:

✓ Planning permission

✓ Listed building consent

✓ Building regulations approval

In most cases there is no need for planning permission to repair or replace windows and doors. The exception is if your property is listed in which case you will have to obtain listed building consent. Don't forget you will need Building Control approval for windows. Planning Permission is something your architect in Harrogate can find out about and put through the paperwork if needed.

Original Features

In all renovation projects its important to decide how much you want to change the original property, before the work starts. Pay attention to key features which embody the house such as:

Floors, Fireplaces, Original mouldings, Roof, Timber beams, Doors & Windows

Problem List

It’s important to outline the possible

problems before they arise.

Small problems can become huge issues within just a couple of weeks, try to think of these before they pop up and if they begin to appear, face them head on.

Final Top Tips From balanceARCHITECURE When Renovating Your Home!

Plan Your Budget – A pre planned budget means you have a clear understanding of every cost before the project begins, be aware that costs can run over so try to have a contingency fund.

Follow Your Plans – After creating the plan, try your best to stick to your checklist and not brush any items to one side.

Make Decisions Carefully – Sounds like an obvious one but take your time to make good selections of materials and colour palettes!

Experts – Taking on more than you can handle just makes things stressful and puts a lot of pressure on yourself. Try to contact the experts before you reach that point by researching: Architect Harrogate.

balanceARCHITECURE based in Harrogate are experts in home renovations, below are some photos from our recent full renovation project in the Cotswolds including: An extension, New roof, Loft conversion (of hay loft), All new windows:

If you have more questions and would like to talk to one of our friendly team at balance ARCHITECTURE based in Harrogate, please call on 01423 209043 or email on

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